Little Labs RedCloud 8810U8ers: Balanced Attenuator Heaven

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As an audio enthusiast, I am always thrilled to discover new products that help me achieve the perfect sound. I recently stumbled upon the Little Labs Redcloud 8810U8ers, an 8-channel balanced attenuator that has left me thoroughly impressed with its innovative design and performance capabilities. With a sleek, user-friendly design and top-notch engineering, this attenuator has quickly become one of my go-to tools for maximum audio control.

The Redcloud 8810U8ers was born out of a need to address the common challenges faced by recording engineers like Don Smith, who worked with renowned artists such as Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, and Stevie Nicks. Don, also known as Redcloud, required a simple yet highly effective solution for attenuating line level signals post mic preamp to achieve optimal sound quality.

Upon trying out the Little Labs Redcloud 8810U8ers for myself, I found it to offer unparalleled passive attenuation, easily integrating into any DB25 modular patch bay setup, between my API 3134+ and my Lynx Aurora 16 Converters. With its finely-detailed, detented pots and reliable construction, this attenuator has truly become a must-have accessory in my audio engineering toolbox.

Little Labs RedCloud 8810U8ers Overview

Balanced Attenuator Heaven Unveiled

As an audio enthusiast, I’ve always been on the lookout for unique and efficient tools that could enhance my audio engineering work. When my API 3124 Preamps started clipping my converters during a drum tracking session one day I had to find something to help attenuate the signal. This led me to the Little Labs RedCloud 8810U8ers, a balanced attenuator pack that has proven to be a heaven-sent device for pro audio engineers like me.

The RedCloud 8810U8ers was born out of necessity for recording engineer Don Smith, aka Redcloud, who has worked for some of the top artists in the industry, such as Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, and Stevie Nicks. This little wonder features eight rotary attenuators and four on-off switches, making it highly versatile and functional.

One of the things I find remarkable about the 8810U8ers is its DB-25 standard analog I/O, which gives me the flexibility I need for my audio work. Meanwhile, the stereo or mono selectable option enables me to switch between modes effortlessly, ensuring the best possible audio output.

Another highlight of the RedCloud 8810U8ers is its passive 5k ohm impedance. This particular feature allows me to use it for various applications, from post-preamp attenuation to pre-DAW attenuation. Additionally, the stepped volume controls have been a game-changer, providing the precision and recall-ability I need for my projects.

Being able to mount up to 32 faders in a 1RU rack makes this device extremely space-efficient and a must-have for professionals like myself. In this way, Little Labs continues to make waves in the pro audio engineering community, building its reputation as a reliable and genuinely useful tool.

Key Features

Passive Attenuation

As a proud user of the Little Labs RedCloud 8810U8ers, I appreciate that its passive attenuation design offers a smooth, transparent audio experience. The 5k ohm impedance maintains signal integrity without any electrical interference or added coloration.

Stepped Volume Controls

One of the best aspects of the RedCloud 8810U8ers is its stepped volume controls. They provide precise handling for audio level adjustments, making it an ideal tool in professional audio engineering. The knobs control finely-detented pots, with a remarkable 31 positions for precise alterations as needed.

Balanced Attenuator

The RedCloud 8810U8ers stands out as a balanced attenuator pack, delivering crystal-clear audio even with high levels of gain on the mic preamps, as originally designed for recording engineer Don Smith. The solid construction of the unit ensures long-lasting durability – something every professional audio engineer will appreciate.

Stereo or Mono Mode

Flexibility is key and the RedCloud 8810U8ers offers just that. With stereo or mono selectable options, I can smoothly switch between different configurations depending on my project requirements. The accurate tracking of left to right channels, alongside the eight rotary balanced faders, makes it ideal for maintaining balance and consistency in my audio productions.

Connectivity and Compatibility

As a pro audio engineer, I find the Little Labs RedCloud 8810U8ERS to be a versatile and flexible tool for managing balanced attenuations. In this section, I will discuss its connectivity and compatibility features, focusing on the DB25 modular patch bay, analog I/O, and Pro Tools compatibility.

DB25 Modular Patch Bay

The RedCloud 8810U8ERS utilizes a DB25 modular patch bay for connecting with various audio equipment. This offers a streamlined, organized approach to connecting devices within my studio setup. The DB25 connector is not only reliable, but also ensures minimal signal loss and a strong connection between the RedCloud and other components.

Analog I/O

The RedCloud 8810U8ERS features DB-25 standard analog I/O, allowing seamless integration with a wide range of analog audio gear. It comes with eight rotary attenuators and four on-off switches, each of which can be used in stereo or mono modes. This flexibility allows me to accurately track left to right signals, making it an indispensable tool for both post-preamp attenuation and pre-DAW attenuation.

Digital Audio Workstation Compatibility

As a long-time Logic Pro user, I can confidently say that the RedCloud 8810U8ERS is compatible with my DAW of choice. Its passive 5k ohm impedance and stepped volume controls make it an ideal tool for working in any DAW environment. By incorporating the RedCloud into my workflow, I am able to effortlessly and accurately control audio levels without affecting the quality of my recordings.

In summary, the Little Labs RedCloud 8810U8ERS provides excellent connectivity and compatibility options for audio engineers. Its DB25 modular patch bay, analog I/O, and DAW compatibility make it an extremely versatile and useful tool for managing balanced attenuations in any studio setup.

Applications and Use Cases

Recording Engineer’s Toolbox

As a recording engineer, I find the Little Labs RedCloud 8810U8ers to be an invaluable addition to my toolbox. It serves as a balanced attenuator with eight rotary attenuators and four on-off switches, making it perfect for both stereo and mono applications. This 1U rack unit has a passive 5k ohm impedance and offers stepped volume controls, ensuring accurate tracking from left to right.

Post Mic Pre Line Level Signals

One of the main reasons I use the RedCloud 8810U8ers is its ability to handle post mic pre line level signals. Being a fan of plenty of gain on my mic preamps, I often need a simple and flexible way to attenuate these signals. Thanks to this Little Labs device, I can achieve exactly that with ease. This tool is ideal for pre-DAW attenuation, allowing me to maintain control over my levels and obtain the desired sound in my recordings.

Speaker Systems

The RedCloud 8810U8ers isn’t just for attenuating signals in a recording setup; it also comes in handy when working with speaker systems. With its DB-25 standard analog I/O, I can integrate it seamlessly into various situations and setups. Whether I’m working with Pro Tools or standalone speaker systems, the flexible features and reliable performance of the RedCloud 8810U8ers make it a constant companion in my studio. It truly is “balanced attenuator heaven” right at my fingertips.

Notable Users and Studios

Don Smith and Rolling Stones

I discovered that the Little Labs RedCloud 8810U8ers was designed for renowned recording engineer Don Smith, who has worked with legendary artists like the Rolling Stones. Born out of Don’s necessity to run his mic pres hot without overloading his A/D converters, this balanced attenuator pack has been used in recording sessions for the Rolling Stones, providing precise control over gain staging while preserving the sonic integrity of their performances.

During these sessions, the RedCloud 8810U8ers proved its worth as an invaluable tool for managing a wide range of input levels, thus allowing the band members to focus on their craft without any technical distractions.

Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks

In addition to the Rolling Stones, Don Smith has also worked with Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks, two celebrated artists in their own rights. Utilizing the RedCloud 8810U8ers in these sessions, Don was able to accommodate the varied sensitivities of both artists’ microphone setups while maintaining optimal headroom and minimum distortion.

Tom Petty’s sessions, for example, would have benefitted from the RedCloud 8810U8ers’ stepped volume controls, which allowed for accurate tracking from left to right. Meanwhile, Stevie Nicks’ emotive vocal performances would have been captured with greater clarity and precision, thanks to the unit’s passive 5k ohm impedance and stereo or mono selection capabilities.

In conclusion, the Little Labs RedCloud 8810U8ers has earned its spot in the recording studios of esteemed artists and audio engineers, thanks to its ability to provide accurate and transparent gain control. Its versatility and ease of use have made it an essential part of capturing the exceptional performances of legendary musicians like the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, and Stevie Nicks.

Pricing and Availability

I found that the price of the Little Labs RedCloud 8810U8ers 8-Channel Balanced Attenuator can vary depending on where you choose to purchase it. For instance, I noticed that Sweetwater and Reverb both offer the device for sale, but you may need to check their websites for the most up-to-date pricing.

Coming to the stock availability, it appears that the RedCloud 8810U8ers is generally in stock at major pro audio retailers. However, I recommend that buyers confirm the stock status at their preferred store before making a purchase.

Considering service and support for the RedCloud 8810U8ers, I trust that customers can expect exceptional support from Little Labs. As a reputable manufacturer, they are likely to offer technical assistance when needed. For further information on the support available, I suggest visiting Little Labs’ website.

When it comes to warranty, it’s essential to understand the terms and conditions that may apply to my purchase. I would recommend reviewing the warranty information provided by both the manufacturer and the retailer where I choose to buy the RedCloud 8810U8ers. This way, I will be aware of any coverage limitations or requirements to maintain the product warranty.

As I explore Little Labs products, I discover that they have a range of innovative pro audio equipment offerings. By visiting their official website, I can browse through their entire product lineup and find the most suitable tools for my audio engineering requirements.


As a pro audio engineer, I can confidently say that the Little Labs RedCloud 8810U8ERS is an outstanding balanced attenuator pack. With its eight rotary attenuators, DB-25 standard analog I/O, and stereo or mono selectable options, this device offers excellent control and flexibility 1.

Moreover, the stepped volume controls and high-quality passive attenuation on this 8-channel balanced attenuator make it an essential tool for a variety of tasks in the studio 1. The passive 5k ohm impedance ensures accurate tracking from left to right, adding an extra layer of precision to my recordings.

The RedCloud 8810U8ERS not only delivers superb quality but also comes with a sleek design, featuring analog faders that blend seamlessly into any professional setup. I appreciate its compact size, making it convenient to use and transport.

Additionally, I found the Little Labs RedCloud to be an ideal solution for both post-preamp and pre-DAW attenuation. It allows me to achieve the desired levels across multiple channels with ease and reliability.

Overall, the Little Labs Redcloud 8810U8ERS 8-channel Balanced Attenuator may be as interesting as watching a PowerPoint presentation, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a fantastic investment for recording studio owners and engineers who prioritize high-quality sound. While it comes with a higher price tag than some other options, its versatility, stepped attenuators, and exceptional sound preservation make it well worth the investment. I highly recommend the Redcloud to any audio professional seeking a reliable, high-performing balanced attenuator for their studio.

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Little Labs Recloud 8810U8ers
The LL 8810U8R’s extremely small form factor means you only get 2 DB25 connectors for I/O

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