7 Reasons the Samson MK10 Microphone Stand May be the Only Microphone Stand You’ll Ever Need.

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I. Introduction

The Samson MK10 mic stand is a very simple device, and you might think: “it’s a mic stand, what’s the big deal?” Well, I gotta say, I liked this thing so much I bought 20 of them. This short review will focus on why this basic stand impressed me so much. Here are 7 reasons the Samson MK10 microphone stand may be the only mic stand you will ever need:

1. It folds to a very small and compact footprint

2. It’s lightweight design makes them easy to carry in large quantities

3. It comes with a microphone clip and cable clips

4. It has quick release clips to make setup and breakdown a breeze.

5. adjustable height ranges from 27″ to 47″, and the adjustable boom extends up to 29″

6. Affordability – When I bought them I was able to get 4 for $90! That’s around $22 each- NEW!

7. I haven’t found a recording application yet where these didn’t get the job done for me.


In the last decade the quality of recording gear has gone up exponentially, and the prices are becoming more and more affordable. My studio is in the basement of my house, and it definitely covers all my needs- however the one thing it doesn’t have is an amazing sounding live room. Im a huge fan of guerrilla recording- or non traditional recording techniques. There are so many awesome sounding spaces out there that are just begging to be recorded in and it can be fun to get into a new environment to spawn some creativity. Having a lightweight, mobile recording rig can be a huge asset to you as a producer.

At this point in my review you may be saying- “yea? so what!? it’s still just a microphone stand.” Well, I find that getting the small things right allows me to not have to worry about them and it allows me to concentrate on the important stuff. Plus, have you ever tried to record with out a microphone stand? The Samson MK10 stands offer a light weight high performance frame that wont break your back if you carry 20 of them along with you to your recording location. They are tall enough to use on drum overheads depending on the size of the drum kit (although they wouldn’t be my first choice) and small enough to use on kick or the bottom speaker on a 4×12.

In a perfect world I would augment these with a couple K&M “very low level” kick drum mic stands and a couple of heavy duty super tall boom stands and all of your mic mounting needs will be covered. (Reviews on these items to come soon)

If I had one qualm with the Samson MK10 stands it would be their light-weight might make them a little less sturdy and more susceptible to wear over time but so far I’ve had them for a couple of years now and I have had no problems with them. Overall though, I know my mic mounting needs are covered and it’s one less consideration to worry about when I take my setup out on the road. Check out the Samson MK10 mic stands yourself, you have absolutely nothing to lose, but be careful, you might just find yourself buying 20 of them.

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